1. “Squeaking it out against a nubbins team, makes you nubbins.”   – A caller to WJFK’s Sport Junkies Radio Programme.  I am very found of the sports junkies.  Misogynistic bastards that they are, I do like the vocabulary they have.  Nubbins means poor, sad, down to the nub.  “Felted” is another good one, meaning to lose, “Hurtingk” (there is that little k sound on the end) also means that you are extremely lame.  This caller was talking about the Washington squeaker of a win against the Jets yesterday. 
  2. Notice I said Washington, as opposed to the Redskins.  Although I use Redskins, while speaking,  it stands out to me as I write, and I am really not fond of that word.  I’d like to stop saying it too, I think.  I do think that it is derogatory, and not a great team name to begin with.  I think the best team names are ones that reflect the area or history of the town in which they reside.  49ers is great for the Gold rush town of San Francisco.  Chicago Fire – Excellent!  I also like the Astros and the Rockets for the space town of Huston, and a minor league favorite, the Lansing Lugnuts, for the car town in Michigan.  Washington’s team names are middling.  Excellent is  the Capitals.   The DC United is ok I suppose, but kind of generic.  The Nationals only problem is that it should have been the Senators.  The Wizards, Mystics, and Redskins, just don’t make sense.  I offer these: The Legislators, The Litigators, and the Bureaucrats.
  3. The issue is not whether or not waterboarding is torture.  The issue is whether or not waterboarding is immoral.   It is. 
  4. I am taking my blogs and organizing them thusly: 5 things for short daily entries; Bookshelf in my Brain for longer writing projects; The Grey is a single work, begun with Paul, that I want to finish; and Angry Crafts for pictures of various crafty ventures.
  5. The Government class at my school just had their republican and Democratic primaries.  The winners Barack Obama and Ron Paul.   Two goods posters from the campaigns: “Giuliani – Practically a Democrat” and “Romney is the Bombney!”
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