1. I have a really good curriculum: Geography Alive.  It has great activities, and I want to do all of them, but there is so little time I can barely get through 2/3rds of them.  So I get grumpy when there are other projects offered up, like the Geography Bee, and a team unit on nutrition that we are doing this year.  My part of that would be to look at consumption patterns, which fits with one of my lessons, but I also need to do a food monitoring thing,  and host the guest speaker from the Arlington County Gov’t.  I can see how this could all be worked into a good unit, but it means sacrificing something else, and I have a hard time with that.  I think I am too rigid, and I need to relax, yet plan ahead for these unusual but worthy projects.  But for today….grrrrrr.
  2. I won the door prize from the Barnes and Noble teacher night that I went to a month ago!  They delivered it today.  That helped alleviate some of my grumpy.  My problems still existed, but at least I have tea, chocolates, a gift certificate and other goodies to distract me.
  3. I am tired from the day, (much more so than yesterday – noted-) ran one errand, cooked a relatively simple dinner, which seemed to take forever, and by 7, I haven’t done any laundry, or worked on my coffee sleeves, or even read the paper today.  How do people manage with children and such.  I can’t imagine piling activities and homework and teen angst on top of this!
  4. The coffee sleeve prototype was a success.  I am going to attempt a simpler design, with felt.
  5. Great post yesterday and today on Cute Overload.  What is fun is not the proposal, but all the random strangers who are so excited.  There is some sort of comment here on the strange intimacy of the internets, but I think I am too tired.
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