1. If I had time to read the paper, maybe I  would have more to talk about than just school.  Do I not have time, or am I not making time?
  2. I am officially old, I need bifocals!  I may not get them though.  My contacts can’t have them, I’ll just use magnifiers for the close ups, and for actual glasses, I don’t wear them that often, so I think I may just get a pair of regular and a pair of reading, because I really want to get a cool small tortoise shell pair, and those are too small for someone with bifocals, or at least for your first pair. Yeah that’s right, I am making the decision based on vanity.  I aspire for a cool nerd sort of glasses look.
  3. Rocky II is on.  Did he fight the same guy in both movies?  Apollo Creed said something about getting beat last time, but now he is going to “drop him like a bad habit.”  I’ve never watched all of any of the Rocky movies.
  4. I’ve been to two Harris Teeters in the past two days.  They are like little mazes.  I think their design is to trap you, so you rebound among the crackers, like a pinball, gathering random food, like points, into your basket.
  5. Rocky still on in the background.  Maybe I should have given these movies a chance, Micky just made Rocky chase a chicken, “because chicken chasing is how we used to train in the old days.”  Nice line.  I’ve got to work that into my vernacular.
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