1. I am to begin reading Taming of the Shrew, and noting all the instances of the word “nothing.”  I shall purchase my copy and begin Act I tomorrow, on my break from the coffee sleeve sweat shop.
  2. My goal is to produced about 150-200 sleeves and sell them this holiday season.  A tentative name is the “Java Jumper,” because it jumps from cup to cup, and jumper is the British word for sweater.   Though I may not call it anything, all these names seem a bit precious.
  3. I plotzed when I read the bulletin in church and saw the announcement for next week’s forum about the church and the Internet, that I am supposed to do.  Criminey!  I think I am going to call in the big guns, top church email forwarder – Cleve, and Episco-blog reader Chrissie.  What do you say Chrissie, little help here?
  4. Great moment on the Amazing Race tonight, when the Episcopal Clergy couple, Pat and Kate said “We are religious people, but we don’t think for one minute that God cares if we win the Amazing Race!”  I’ve been waiting for years to hear someone say that, or say it myself.  Sadly, they are cool people, but crappy racers, because they got knocked out tonight.
  5. This is a excellent comment in Tom Rick’s Column, about waterboarding and the use of torture, which expresses just what I feel, particularly this: “[T]his does not make the tactic right, legal, morally correct, wise for our country’s policy, effective, or defensible, and such a hypothetical does not begin to compensate for the damage done to our country and its stance as a “shining city on a hill” when our people stoop to the kinds of conduct that we have condemned over history…” Agreed, agreed, agreed.  If we do not provide others with the same kind of rights that we would demand ourselves, then what great idea are we protecting?
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2 Responses to

  1. Chrissie says:

    Can we tawlk???? (You just may be saved by the fact that the Dallas game got moved to 4 PM–so, you know, we can be humilated in front of an even larger TV audience…)

  2. Eleanor says:

    Awesome. What is the good word (ha) on the holy blogosphere?

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