1. We had the 8th grade “your changing bodies” talk today.  Sweet jebus, I was beet red the whole time.  I guess this is my parenting experience, where I tell my girls how they need to demand respect and positive attention, rather than the standard ogling.  It was terrible, but I hope productive.  I think the best thing I said was that if a boy said something to them which would cause that that same boy to punch someone who said it to his mother, wife, girlfriend or sister, then that is not the kind of attention they want.  That seemed to connect with them. Otherwise there was much staring at shoes and the ceiling.  And the girls weren’t looking at me either! Ba dum bump.  After that I need a drink.
  2. Every Tuesday and Thursday I work out at a “bootcamp” that is held at my school.  There are 5 of us that participate.  On the plus side, I think I am pushing my self harder and really making progress, hopping better (Nate does love to have us hop, and it is quite hard) better at jump rope, doing more sit-ups faster, etc.  On the downside, I had a terrible view of myself today when I flopped face down on the push-up mat, which was a little damp.  I lay there for a few moments before getting into the push-up position, and was dismayed to see the detailed print my body had left.  It was like a pudgy cartoon.  Not pretty, and I couldn’t get it to go away! I tried to dry the rest of the mat to make it go away, but it persisted.
  3. Even with the horrid body print, it was still a good experience, as Nate called me “The Monster” as I banged out my sit-ups and then ran up the stairs, even when I didn’t have to.
  4. We should have a primary election system that divides the states into five 10 state regions, and each election cycle the order rotates, so that one region/state does not always have the choice first position.  What is the point of that?  Just because “we’ve always done it that way?”  That’s no way to run a railroad. 
  5. I keep hearing that Obama made some great speech, but so far, no one has mentioned what the speech was about.  Must look for that.
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