1. Interruptions:  teacher needs help driving kids to a field trip – missed town meeting because of this; another teacher needs me to monitor her class because she is going on a field trip; 4 students need to cut through my room to get their things out of R.’s room, because they don’t keep it in their lockers, a combination of no room and laziness; B. needs to talk to me about changing the field trip day; must take driving directions to J. so she can do the field trip pick up; parent wants update of missing assignment, emailed; emailed another parent about attendance and grades; conversation with J. about student; more students cutting through my room; went to tell custodians about wet bulging ceiling tile.
  2. A kid “yes ma’amed” me when I was asking for some help keeping a room clean.  It was a smarmy yes ma’am, AND she was texting on her cell phone at the same time.  I wanted to grab that cell phone and throw it across the room.  I resisted the urge.
  3. The workout today made me feel better.  I am still the monster.  Excellent.
  4. Today started rough, but ended well, even after a vestry meeting.  I feel like I talk to much in meetings, and I try to be careful about that, but I went to it thinking I would work on having a good tone about matters that concern me, but I did get a little frustrated when I got cut off at one point.  This reminds me of another reason town meeting at school is so awesome, is that it is full of spaz kids, who can give each other the hardest way to go in the halls, but by golly, any geek that has the floor gets their say without interruption.  Oh well.  Not that big a deal I guess.  I love all the people in there, but there is no way that we are all going to agree all the time, and I know I’ve cut off a person or two in my time.  Anyway, back to my first point, though any evening meeting can mean a grumpy end of the day for me this one didn’t, and I felt pretty good after it was all over.
  5. Too much complaining overall from me lately I think.  Tomorrow is going to be a concerted effort for five positive, or information items, not so much with the negativo. Amen.
  6. Oh my!  A special six today!  Taming of the Shrew was wonderful!  Set in modern Italy, wonderful costumes and great actors, very funny, I had a terriffic time, and I believe everyone else did too.  Shakespeare is just incredible, his plays travel throught the centuries so well.  How could he be so prolific and so clever?  Lots of fun.  In town until November 25th.  Go see it!
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