1. How can the day go so fast?  4:24, not going to be able to go for the football game viewing, but just got home from church activities and shopping. Time for clean-up and laundry in anticipation of going out of town Tuesday, but if I can get my room in order before the last quarter I will go on over to Dave and Chrissie’s and watch the game.
  2. The forum was very successful I think.  People seemed interested and entertained.  Thanks to you all my internets pals!  Now all I have do is figure out the spring schedule and Lenten presentations.  I have NO idea what to do.  Ideas anyone?
  3. Ordered my new glasses.  Very much the nerd chic look.  How will it be to try out the bi-focals?  They went ahead and let me order a small frame.  I will be cool, but probably bumping into things.
  4. I’ve  been bamboozled by all the Christmas decor into early shopping.  I am queen of the impulse buys.  Peppermint hot cocoa anyone?  Come on over.
  5. I’m officially an artist, in my own ridiculous way.  My coffee sleeves are on the counter at StElmos, and Nora had me put my name and address on a 4×6 index card.  It is all very official and exciting.  I resisted the urge to go back over there this afternoon and see if anyone bought one. 
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  1. Pisco Sours says:

    I’d love to see a program on the past and future of liturgy. Not sure who would be good to give a talk on this, but there’s some nifty stuff in the Enriching Our Worship series. E.g., I love the idea of adding “and by what has been on our behalf” to the Confession.

    The filioque is going to be a major issue when it’s time for the next BCP revision.

    Also, there’s some more experimental liturgical stuff at the Worship Well. No idea how well any of that goes over with the Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music though.

  2. Pisco Sours says:

    Er, “and by what has been DONE on our behalf.” Stupid sexy proofreading…

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