1. Several good walks from Chris and Melissa’s to the guest house and back.  Michael and I just walked down to see the war dogs monument.  There is a large one with a very impressive German Shepherd statue, and then another monument, for a paratrooper unit that has a small sausage dog.  He was noted as missing in action in Belgium.
  2. I love walking on posts.  Very quiet, with the occasional rattle of gunfire from the training ranges. (Yes, even on Thanksgiving.  The troops came to the mess hall with their guns slung over their arms, even while eating.)  But I do mean it when I say it is peaceful.  It reminds me of my youth.  It has a very safe and protective feel, and also years and years of tradition and history.  The houses that I pass have been there since the 20s, and have had hundreds of families pass through them.
  3. We are about to embark upon the second thanksgiving meal, the turkey sandwiches after dinner.
  4. I happened to walk in on the Macy’s Day Parade just as the OU band was playing.  They sounded excellent.  Tradition again, every note they played in Boomer Sooner and Oklahoma, I played on so many years ago.
  5. Michael and I are making a gingerbread house, and there are some structural difficulties with the alternative, open design (see in side and outside of house) that we have chosen, so we made some Lego supports to hold the structure steady.
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