1. I am wearing a costume.  My new glasses create a different face.  I like them alot, and also on the plus side, I can see much better.  I normally wear contacts all the time and the glasses are only occasional, but for a little while these things may see heavy rotation.
  2. Went to Tuna Christmas with AB, Ali and Susi.  Campy show, very good dinner following at Capital Grille.  Talk of families, marriage, pets, and how much it would take (dollars) for one to lick the bottom of a person’s shoe or kiss a dog. My price is lower for the shoe than for the dog.
  3. No church for me today. Slept in. Lolled about.
  4. Lunch with my friend Tonya,, who is moving back to Oklahoma soon.  She is going back to school to get a degree in accounting, with the hope that being a CPA, will allow her more independence, and to never have to supervise people in a job situation again.  She found in her packing, her old OU ID.  I know mine is around here some where, and that I look as young as she in that 1984 picture.  We met in the dorm when I told her I knew a cure for her hiccups, and dragged her to the bathroom to have her drink a glass of water upside down.
  5. Goals for the week, walk more, drink water, eat less.
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2 Responses to

  1. David says:

    For me, there’s no money to be made in kissing a dog. I do it all the time (on the nose, of course) for they are God’s best example (to me, mind you) of unconditional love. (Can we really say the same about cats? Come on. Be honest). Anyway, I guess that leaves me licking boots to make $$$. Yuck! No thank you. Oh, and glasses can be a very sexy thing. Such sophistication! More mystery! Oh my!

  2. Pisco Sours says:

    Hot-librarian glasses? Pictures or it didn’t happen! :p

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