1. I have a list of home chores that seemed really pleasing (vacuum, clean kitchen, fold laundry, do combo stop on way home of cup of tea at Paul’s shop and buy cat food at nearby vet) when I thought I was leaving school at 3:30, but then I got here and remembered I am in charge of homework club today, so I won’t be leaving until 5:30.  Bummer.  These are still good activities, so I must consciously adjust my attitude and just do them two hours later right? The fact that it is all dark and cold shouldn’t make any difference right?  Damn you once again daylight savings!
  2. Must run out during my planning period and mail Melissa’s special requested coffee sleeves, and pick up some snack for Homework Club, and perhaps some lunch and a bite of something for breakfast for me.
  3. Sweet Lord, these glasses are something else.  Between them and my new shoes that match my grey pants (I had been wearing the brown ones, because they are better for my feet, but I finally found some black lace-ups (I call all these shoes my “corrective shoes”)) and a nice red sweater that Melissa gave me, I actually feel dressed somewhat like a grown-up.  And a superhero in my mild-mannered Clark Kent spectacles.
  4. We begin our unit on Urban Sprawl today.  This is particularly exciting, because last year I used a stapler banged against a desk to signal the group changes, but now I have a little hotel bell, that I carefully purchased off the internets, just for this sort of thing.  I’ve used it for other projects, but this is the event that inspired me to buy it, so it is a circle of life sort of moment.
  5. I’m about to enter a moment of intense concentration over the number of copies for each role assignment for each class (The roles are Planning Commissioner. Smart Growth Advocate, Suburban Housing Developer, Environmentalist,  and Citizen for Affordable Housing.  The formula should be number of roles in in each group = 5, take the number of students in each class, divide by five.  this should now be the number of groups.  If there is an over or under I must double up on some roles in some groups, and so need the proper number of each for each class.  Then I need to put group letters (a,b,c etc.) onto each paper, and would also like to put each role onto a different color paper.  No matter how carefully I do this, I always end up with too many of one role in some groups and too few in another.  Maybe this is the year I’ll get it.
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