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The devil owns a yarn shop in Vienna. (Note to self: good name for an album)  I was not the only person seduced by the siren song of a sale into purchasing many non sale items.  My fellow shoppers and … Continue reading

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I was a vestry greeter today and did a fine job of saying hello to people I know, but also greeted two groups of people who were new, and engaged them in conversation.  Hooray!  Being vestry greeter is not the most torturous … Continue reading

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I went to a movie today.  National Treasure 2.  Not bad, though there was for me some confusion about the Ed Harris character.  Was he a bad guy, or just along for plot development?  I got a coupon for free … Continue reading

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I love it when Violet curls up next to me in a furry circle. Saw “I am Legend.”  Not sure how I feel about it, and I asked myself in the middle “Now, why did I want to see this?”  … Continue reading

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I really would like it if I could stop waking up at 5 AM during vacation.  By 8 PM I am beat. The fact that I haven’t been exercising and eating right could be adding to the beatness. Suddenly I … Continue reading

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This was a quiet day.  Coffee with AB, cleaning up my upstairs room, actually made progress for once, and a nice visit with my Mommy and Daddy. I don’t really converse with my mom and dad that often.  my mother … Continue reading

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I like the idea of a big gathering of friends or family at Christmas, where I would have a fireplace, and hang mismatched socks for stockings, like I see in the holiday magazines. Along these lines, I’d like to have … Continue reading

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