1. Passed the word-press dashboard, and glanced at the titles of hot new blog posts.  I thought one looked particularly interesting: “Does God have Furniture,” but upon a second look it was “Does God have a Future.”  Fairly confident that God has a future, but now am wondering if He has really big furniture, and if He wants my giant sofa.  At the very least it will take divine intervention to get it out of this apartment without removing a wall.
  2. Hooray!  Two Hour delay!  Now the trick is to get moving at get there at my usual time. (7:30)  It will be a long day today, because I am going to stay to see “Lost in Yonkers” which one of my students is directing.
  3. Violet and Kevin are stretched out on the foot of the bed,  having their post-breakfast nap. Nice and cozy.
  4. I want to have a really relaxed and festive holiday season, but in my relaxed mode I haven’t gotten much done, or started decorating, so I guess I ought to.  Hard to find that balance of “do it because it’s fun, not because you have to,” without it turning into, “Argh!  Only 10 days left til Christmas!  Must Shop! Must Decorate!  Must have Mandatory fun!”  Along these lines is the dilemma over the courtyard decorating party.  We haven’t had many people come out and decorate the last few year,  so Margaret and I are kind of ambivalent about getting it going, but I said I would, but haven’t done the invite yet.  I need to fish or cut bait on this one.  I could not do it, but don’t want to regret not doing it.  Same with the decorating the giant tree out front.  Maybe this is the year to skip it…Oh, to hell with it, I am going to do the damn invitation and go have mandatory fun.  It will be fun, even if it is just Margaret and me having some hot chocolate and putting about 1000 lights on that big tree.  In fact (the more I write, the more excited I get, just having made a decision is good.)  I may have to get gaudy on that tree and see if I can find some giant ornaments at target or something!
  5. Well, the above would have been a fine plan if I hadn’t just checked my calendar and discovered a rouge commitment that had been hiding; helping my mom with the Field Artillery party. (Army thing.)  So no court party this weekend, but maybe later.  (And I am still going to attack that tree at some point.)
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