1. As I sit here with a soy sauce stain on what were clean jeans, but a few minutes ago, I really think that sushi place across the street needs to move. 
  2. The cupcake world map idea is really evolving.  I sense greatness, and many many cupcakes flung across the back playing field before it is all done.
  3. It is entirely possible that I have ordered something in the neighborhood of 8+ pairs of tights from various purveyors of “tights for the generously sized.”
  4. In an attempt to buy the peace and harmony of my widely diverse (in outlook and social group) TA, I have overly bought treats and presents for our holiday party tomorrow.  They always seem to be looking for the moment they can leave any get together we have.  I try not to take this personally, but of course I do, and I am torn, because I want them to be comfortable in my room, but at the same time, once they leave, I don’t have to be Sally Conciliatory Cheerful Smalltalk.
  5. Christmas shopping is coming along.  Big Amazon order last night, and over the next few days I think Paul and I will go to some toys stores etc.  I feel pretty leisurely abut the whole thing, which is nice, though I don’t know what to get a few people, Paul included.  There might have to be some angry crafts happening.
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