1. Before 8 AM this morning I took out the trash, got gas, bought cups, spoons and hot chocolate (Yes I know  I have lots at home, and at least one of those was the Safeway stuff I give the kids!  Dammit! Should have grabbed that.) Got cash and took it back to the house to leave with the packages Paul is going to mail for me.  Bought 4 dozen donuts, coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Carried all and sundry into the school (2 trips) filled the hot water urn and fired it up.  Oh, yes, must copy the test.  Apparently there is supposed to be some actual learning here today.
  2. In the hall I found a spool of red ribbon, some Hello Kitty wrapping paper, 3 pens and a bracelet.  It’s like a kid exploded or something.
  3. I became somewhat blue last night, confronted with many little tasks and the emotional complexity of the holidays.
  4. The first of my many tights purchases arrived yesterday.  Not a good fit but very cottony which is nice, I really don’t like all nylon tights.  How do you return tights once you’ve stretched them all out by trying them on?  Oh well, I guess they will fit someday, though not if I get involved with those four dozen donuts!
  5. I knew one of the boys had drawn me for our TA Secret Santa, since during the drawing I heard the other two boys start laughing, because of course, drawing the teacher’s name has cooties all over it.  It ended up being a student that is always getting into hijinks and picking on others, and I feel like I am constantly correcting him.  He kind of drives me crazy, and not in a good way.  I was touched to hear that he had gone next door to R. to ask her what he should get me.  So he gave me a card and a $5 Starbucks gift card.  I exclaimed happily in an appropriate fashion, but not for too long, as he was turning red.  I know that his mother picked out the card and gave it to him, but the verse on the interior would qualify for what David calls a “God Moment” – “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.”  Ok, punk.  I’ll love you.   I guess God never said, “If you love them they won’t drive you batshit,”  Just love in spite of the crazy.
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