1. I was a vestry greeter today and did a fine job of saying hello to people I know, but also greeted two groups of people who were new, and engaged them in conversation.  Hooray!  Being vestry greeter is not the most torturous thing there is, but it is close.  I exaggerate of course, but I am constantly worried that I am going to greet, as a stranger, someone who has been going there for 400 years.  More or less.
  2. Occasionally my Netflix picks flounder.  I’ve been sitting on City Lights for some time, and probably would have mailed it back already, but the envelope is missing.  This means sometimes  I return to Blockbuster and stock up for a movie marathon. I’ve got Stomp the Yard, Waitress, The Last Legion, and Miss Potter.
  3. Uniquities, a fab yarn store is having a sale tomorrow, and I may wander out there, even though my stash is heavy…but dayum, I do love me some yarn.  I think my coffee sleeve period is waning, and I am ready to try some more complex knitting for a while.  Much like Picasso and his “blue” period, I am ready to get crazy on my yarn.  I did see this book last night at Barnes and Noble, and a little felting fun could be in the offing.
  4. Lasagna is a magical food.  You put hard cold ingredients together in a stack and when it cooks it blends into wonderment.  I have a very large lasagna on my hands right now, because my teaching team, for various reasons bagged out on me for dinner tonight.  One forgot, (he has a lot on his mind right now, going through his first holiday after his dad died) one just got back from a trip and is exhausted, and one has a house full of sick people.  Those all sound like legitimate excuses, right?  Oh god, they hate me don’t they.  No, I feel pretty confident that they don’t.  Somewhat…confident….
  5. I’ve been very patiently entering my coke bottle caps into “My Coke Rewards” online, and rather than going for the occasional coupon, I have sunk all my points into entering the sweepstakes for a 42 inch flat screen TV.  I am just hoping that perhaps I am the only person on the planet that is dumb enough to actually enter the numbers from the stupid caps, and so am a lock to win.
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