1. The devil owns a yarn shop in Vienna. (Note to self: good name for an album)  I was not the only person seduced by the siren song of a sale into purchasing many non sale items.  My fellow shoppers and I bemoaned our fate as we stood in line.  At one point, upon hearing that the tweed yarn was only (ONLY!) $5, I and another woman reached out and fondled the said yarn of the woman between us.  It was quite shocking.  I believe I spent my disposable income for the month, so If I should, during the next month, wish to go out to eat, please remind me that I should just go knit something.  (ok, sushi, just once.)
  2. I was inspired to try a felt bucket purse, using some yarn I already have.  Typing “knit felt bucket purse lamb’s pride bulky” did give some results, but not what I was looking for, so I have jumped in without pattern.  I am probably making it too small, as during the felting process it shrinks, so I am prepared, instead of a bucket purse, to have a bucket glasses case.
  3. I always get chilly in the evening during the winter, so I have a scarf on.  Keeping my neck warm seems to help, though my nose is still cold.  I am not sure why, since the temperature says it is 70 in here, and my nose isn’t cold in the summer when it is 70.
  4. I was listening to the radio this morning.  I’d like Diane Rehm’s job.
  5. I would also like to write lovely children’s stories, have a passionate hand holding with a suitor, and take tea every day. (I just finished watching “Miss Potter.”)
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