1. I’ve been fairly obsessed, in a contented way, about this new knitting piece.  I’ve worked on it most of the day.  It would be exciting to get it into the wash yet today, but this may not be possible since I still need to knit the i-cord handles.
  2. The fury of knitting was broken up by some recording on the 8 track recording machine.  No it does not make giant tapes for your 1970s car.  That was pretty fun.
  3. On my way to write today, I was drawn in by some fat acceptance sights (there was a blurb with a catchy title on the wordpress home page) that just confused me mightly.  Yes, I love myself.  No, I do not like my fat ass.  Accept that.  Somehow the fat acceptance sites made me feel, fat and guilty all at once, which I think is the opposite of what they want.
  4. Speaking of fat, I have determined that I have to start writing my food down again.  A bore, but generally effective.
  5. The movie I am Legend and the book have little in common.  The title, the name of the character, a virus that lays some bad mojo down.  That’s it.  The story was written in 1954.  It is like someone just to the title and ran away with it.  However, they are both good stories.
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  1. Chrissie says:

    a website you will find interesting periodically.
    Being obsessed is not always bad….

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