1. Super success on the felting
  2. It sounded like a cocktail party in the class next to mine today.  During the break, my classroom is deserted, except for one student.  I am happy about that, because that noise would (and kind of is) driving me crazy (even though it is just the joyful exuberance of youth etc.) But they seem to know that I won’t put up with it, and the other teacher will.  I am definitely not as popular, but at moments like this it is ok.
  3. Spell check is wonderful.  I just figured out that you can right click on a word and it give the spelling choices.  My favorite replacement offering is for “definitely,” which I always misspell.  The top choice is “defiantly.”  I like the potential that has.  “I will definitely be there.”  “I will DEFIANTLY be there.”
  4. Back to the workout today.  I did not do my homework, push-ups and sit-ups, over the break.  Oops.  My dog ate my sit-ups?
  5. FREEZING in the building today.  My hands are like chunks of meat.
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