1. Every morning, I carefully hang up my coat in the closet, and make sure the car keys are in the pocket.  This closet is right next to my classroom door.  On the back of the classroom door is an envelope with our emergency procedures.  Hanging the coat by the door with the keys in the pocket is my personal emergency procedure.  I don’t like being cold during a fire drill, and if there is a crisis, once we get out of the building and all my little childrens are accounted for, I want to be able to get the hell out of dodge.
  2. Our trainer Nate has been moved to a new location.  We are entirely heartbroken! Nate was the man! Very distressing.  Perhaps I will slack on my push-ups with the new person until they show their worth.
  3. Today was the Geography Bee and I was pleasantly surprised that one group, which normally teases one another to death, was totally supportive of each person when they gave their answers, right or wrong.
  4. Ever have one of those days where you realize a few hours in that you forgot to put on deodorant?  Yup.
  5. I feel like this is one of those days I really need to be careful about food, and occupy myself with other tasks or I will eat a car or a like amount of cake (mmm…cake…) or something.  Possible tasks, knitting (project deadline approaching) Go to a movie (oh wait, I don’t have vestry tonight do I? That would certainly interfere with my plans.) or take down the Christmas tree (would it be so wrong if it stayed up until February?  Shouldn’t Christmas be in our hearts year round?)
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  1. crazytobeme says:

    In your heart YES, in your home NO… Not a Sermon, just a thought.

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