1. When you buy bolt fabric at Joanne fabrics, they always ask you what you are making.  Pulled out my book and showed the picture, and showed the scrap of sweater I had bought to help choose the color (no help – because I can’t tell what goes I am afraid to be daring so I bought a boring yellow)  When I showed the scrap and explained I made it by ruining a sweater, She looked at me as if to say, “Sister, you do know we sell fabric right?  you don’t have to make your own.”
  2. I’m glad that there has not been the same winner in either the Democratic or Republican parties in IA and NH.  Seems to me that it is better to keep people talking, than allow the idea that it is all wrapped up after only two states have voted.
  3. There is too much talk on the news about how the candidates did, or what they are saying about each other.  It would be nice to hear what their positions on issues are.  Maybe this will help me.
  4. Before the play on Saturday, we went to a very delicious Indian restaurant.  The feature on the appetizer menu was a crispy spinach which was excellent. And by crispy, I mean fried, ever so delicately.  That’s right, fried salad.  The final frontier.
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