1. A student showed me this site of a fun world map location sort of game.  Lots of fun!  I’m sure to be wasting lots of time on it.  Nice too, because he is kind of non-communicative and grumpy, so it is nice that he came and showed it to me.
  2. I set up for my Friday schedule of classes yesterday, and believe me I was pretty disappointed when I realized it was only Thursday.  Friday now though. Hooray!
  3. 135 sit-ups on Tuesday have conspired against me with much soreness today.  It hurts to laugh.
  4. M. is coming to town and we are to go to the Container Store and Chiplotle, which should be a pretty good time.  I do love me some container store.  I need to reflect on what items need containing.
  5. I have moved the desks in my room no less than nine times this week.  Every class required a different set-up, and the Geography Bee was in the middle of it all. 
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  1. Chrissie says:

    gee thanks. just what i needed was another way to waste time online….

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