1. At the Container Store I bought a butter dish, some ribbon and a scraper to remove pills from sweaters.  Not too damaging to the budget.
  2. The Annual Ladies with hats tea was fabulous.  I did not wear a hat as I did not have one to match my fabulous blouse, but I threw back tea and tiny sandwiches with abandon.  Towards the end I sat talking with a group of friends and we agreed how nice it was to concentrate on conversation, away from our usual agendas.
  3. I’ve  been remarkably happy lately.  Yes, I get frustrated with the children, and yes I don’t have time to do every thing, and yes I am always behind on my paperwork, personal and work. Overall though, I find myself happy with my situation and happy inside, regardless of any daily little frustrations.
  4. My entire house smells like caramelized onions.  It is a nice smell, but a little overpowering.  Here’s hoping that little febreeze candle has what it takes.
  5. The onions are for the chili for the church chili bowl.  I think I will take the parts to church and put it together to gently cook.  It is very hard to transfer a crockpot full of chili without some mishap.
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  1. Anne says:

    So did you get the scarf finished? And what are the results of the Great Sweater Shrinking Caper?

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