1. Big fluffy flakes of snow for most of the morning.  The kids went ape.  We are at about the only school I know where you can not only touch the snow, but you might have time to go out an play in it.  I love our principal, because he made an announcement that they should have a great time in the snow, but remember to leave it outside and only throw snowballs at their friends. 
  2. The felted sweater jumper came out great and was very well received by the birthday girl and her parents!
  3. This weekend is training for the discernment process for David, which means lots of quiet and contemplation.  Must. Refrain. From. Irreverent. Jokes.  The book even says so!  Seriously, I must, because it is not all about me.  In fact it is not at all about me!
  4. My eyes are all stingy, like I might be getting a cold.  Hope not.
  5. Back to the beautiful snow.  Please, oh, please, freeze up so we can have a two hour delay.  I could really use that time to work on my desk.  I have taken some steps (new desk supplies, new coffee mug (aesthetics count) and am ready to attack.
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2 Responses to

  1. Meluda says:

    HOLY COW ELEANOR! The jumper looks FANTASTIC! Can I hire you to make one for Lily (my niece)? Please!

    Love, Melissa

  2. Eleanor says:

    Well, I am not sure if lightening can strike twice, but we’ll talk.

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