1. Excitement today was a power outage while everyone was doing their grades at school.  Fortunately the grade program automatically saves, so I only lost a few things, and I had it written down anyway.  But the break in the power gave me time to pick up a little and plan for tomorrow.  I only have some papers to look over tonight and then enter tomorrow, and then I will be done with that.
  2. The only minor problem, is that I am feeling unsettled in my stomach and a little feverish in my head.  I rarely get sick, so these feelings usually up and get nasty, but it is simply not allowed at this moment.  I have to export my grades before 3 pm tomorrow.  There can be no illness, thank you very much.
  3. One of the computers was delivered today, but neither Paul or I was home to take delivery, so I will have to go pick it up tomorrow.  Of course I want to run out right now and get it, but I must grade.  MUST. GRADE.
  4. I hate grading.
  5. Note to self.  Write about the nice church history that CB wrote that was given out at the Annual Meeting.
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