1. Thank goodness for the obsessive compulsive leadership of the altar guild for the last 50 years, because it is ALL written down.  I had my first training for crew leader this evening, and there are notes upon notes about everything, which is very, very good.
  2. There has been a bit of a surge lately in creativity, though not in fiction writing, which I would like to see.   I think writing really needs time and that is at a premium right now.
  3. The new computer came.  It is very pretty and shiny.
  4. I’ve got four hours of Lost that I can watch over the weekend if I have time, and oh by the way, speaking of television shows that have been on hiatus too long, where is season three of Battlestar Galactica on DVD?  Season four has started.  What is the hold up?
  5. I try and do 10 coffee sleeves a week,and they seem to still be moving pretty well at Stelmo’s.  Sometimes it goes quick and I can finish them in one and a half to two hours, and other times I do lots of pausing and it takes longer.  This was a pausing night.
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  1. Anne says:

    Am also in BSG withdrawl, especially after the cliffhanger end of the previous season . . . apparently, April 1 is what they are saying for a release date. Argh!

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