1. The vestry retreat was not bad.  It was in a very neat location. The College of Preachers at Washington Cathedral.  It was nice to have time to get to know people better, and the time actually seemed to go pretty quickly.
  2. I can’t really find any good pictures on-line, but it was like a Classical Gothic sort of building with big arched windows and leaded glass windows.  I had gotten lost on the way there (I thought it was next to the zoo.  It is not.  Fortunately, Ali can be dialed up for some google earth directions.  She got me out of a spot once in Philadelphia with these same skills.) so I was late.  I came up to the giant wooden doors, with my satchels and rang the bell.  It was a very old fashioned ring, and I felt just like a nanny coming to apply for a position in the local spooky mansion.
  3. The unfortunate thing is that I came down with a cold Thursday, and was in the think of it for the retreat, and am still not feeling too hot. I’ve got a discernment meeting and a school board thing tomorrow, so I will be ingesting lots of decongestants.
  4. The guy who owns the downstairs is a Marine, and spent a year doing some tough duty in Iraq.  He was here to do an open house today, and spent some time up here chatting.  I have to say, I think this coming election could be hard for me if I don’t hear a better statement than “Withdraw” when it comes to Iraq.  While I don’t want one more soldier to die there, it is not clear to me if we can just walk away. We made a mess, how do we clean it up?  I don’t know the solution, but I worry about just up and leaving.  What sort of conversations are being had about this? What do they mean when they say “withdraw.”  I need to find out.
  5. HRC had a campaign stop at WLHS.  I hadn’t thought about it until someone at the retreat mentioned that they didn’t think it was appropriate, and I think they could have a point there.  I don’t like the way at these stops they pass out the pre-printed signs, and make it looked like everyone showed up to support them, when I am sure some people just came to listen.  There is too much advertising and staging.  If I could avoid it all for the next eight months and just read position papers, I think that would be best.
  6. I hope my neighbor’s house sells quick, and to someone who doesn’t mind the squeaking floorboards as we walk around up here.  I’ll be on the doorstep of the new people with a plate of cookies the minute they move in!
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