1. Yesterday I linked an article written by someone from school, and that site put the name of my blog and a quote in the comments section.  I think it must be some sort of automatic function.  It did not put a link, which is good.  This was a little disturbing, because I really don’t want people from school reading this.  I keep names out of it deliberately, and it is not like I am going to completely slam someone, but I do want to be able to write about things that bother me.  I know the internet is public of course, and I do censor myself, believe you me!  I think I am pretty tame.  All the same, while I don’t mind family and church friends reading this, because I feel like they know me and understand my venting; I don’t think that people who don’t know me as well would get it.  So I pulled that link, and am watching my stats, and have looked at all my posts with the school tag, and made some of them private.  The funny thing is, my stats have jumped, but I think that might be because I have been checking the page a lot to read old posts, and when I am not logged in I think that counts in the stats.
  2. This also speaks to the idea of what is this blog for.  It is for me, but I do like it that others enjoy it, particularly my sister-in-law and beloved elder brother.  He is one of the ones to say though, “why put it where everyone can see it?”  This I do not know.  I like the contact.  I like that there is a group of people at church that blog and we link to each other.  I like the discipline of trying to write something everyday.  But it is hard sometimes, because I find myself writing for others, or wanting to speak directly to people and that is not what this is about.  I don’t know that I have established what it is about.  I’m just rambling now, really.
  3. I did somehow stumble onto a bunch of teacher blogs tonight.  Another world uncovered.  I’ll check them out, but I am not looking for some perky inspiring teacher nonsense.  I want someone who can bring the snark. A Television without Pity for the teacher set.
  4. There was a little bit of ice this afternoon and traffic just became a disaster.  I have never seen such traffic on the local streets.  Fortunately, I know the back back roads, so I was eventually able to get out of the jams, but yowza!
  5. Paul met me at the community center, and we did our voting.  Very cool.  I have to say, I got a pretty big charge about seeing an African American and a woman topping the ballot.  That was a neat feeling.
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