1. Dinner last night with my mom and dad to celebrate Mommy’s 70th birthday.  We went to a really great Italian restaurant at Pentagon Row.  I scoped out the menu online beforehand, and was prepared and made pretty good choices foodwise.  We had a very nice time.  They are really pretty awesome, and I am not just saying that because they read this sometimes.
  2. On the way to the restaurant I saw this guy at the ice rink, and he was all kitted out in Capitals gear, and my first instinct was to think that was idiotic, but upon reflection, that is really pretty good that you would go and skate in your gear, and not worry what cynics like me might think.  I mean, after all, I am the person, who would put on her roller skates and play a tape of the musical 1776 while skating around the officers club bandstand and outdoor party area at Fort Sill.  There must have been a group of people watching me thinking I was an utter yahoo.  I wonder why my first thought was to criticize this guy.  Can I blame it on TV?
  3. And lo then a miracle occurred.  There was the usual spazzing and running around like fools during town meeting today, and much milling about with no purpose.  I remembered that I had bought hacky sacks on our trip to the Natural History museum this fall, so I scrounged them up (good thing I had cleaned up a little yesterday) and gave them to the kids.  A few minutes later they were playing together, having a great time, and trying to see if they could make it to 10 hits without dropping it.  I ran to get one of the other teachers, telling him, “Come quick, it is a miracle and I don’t know how long it will last.”  I told them I would keep them on the shelf in the closet in my room and they could get them anytime.  Even when I momentarily despaired because I thought one was missing and that someone had taken it, I was thrilled to see that it had been picked it up and put back in the room on the shelf.  Absolutely incredible!
  4. Kick ass weigh in tonight.  I hope I can keep it going.
  5. Lost was very good tonight.  So many twists and turns! So many shocking reveals!  I still cannot imagine how they are going to sort out all these plot threads and unanswered questions.
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