1. Time to grade again.  I’ve got a more organized system, and even the desire to get it done.  but it is still going to take hours.  I don’t know where that time is.  I broke down the hours I work, trying to understand where the time goes.  Of a 37.5 hour week (that’s contract time, I probably average about 8 hours a day.)  anywho, of the 37.5 hours that are there, about 20 go to teaching, 4 1/2 – planning, 2 1/2 meetings, 2 1/2 to town meeting and TA time.  The time that is left is lunch, which I am usually doing some sort of chores during most days, (except Mondays, hooray for salad day!) and in between classes, which are for the bathroom and putting away one set of things and getting out another.  There are no many stretches of time that aren’t interrupted, or longer than 45 minutes to do things.  I don’t see how I can plan and grade in 4 1/2 hours a week.  This grading I do periodically will take  4 or 5 hours, and where is that time?  It just can’t happen in the regular hours, there is too much to do to get ready for the classes.  So that means it needs to be fit in somewhere else, and there is nowhere else except after school.  3 days a week I have commitments right after, so that leaves Monday and Friday.  I know I should stay and grade all this stuff, but I just find it very difficult to summon the wherewithal to stay here late on a Friday.  I am beat!  I need a coffee and a pedicure!  I can take home the tests, but I’d need a tractor trailer for the notebooks.  Maybe I could just take 2 classes home…I do see a box there in the corner.
  2. The drawback with taking things home, is that sometimes, they just end up getting a ride in the car, which I am sure the notebooks enjoy, but it doesn’t really get to the heart of the issue.
  3. I fear I am shallow. I know just a bit about many things and not enough about everything.  I read a little, I listen to music a little.  I wish I knew much more, so as to engage in better conversation.
  4. A pleasant night tonight, out with Paul and AB and Ali.  Now home, drinking a nice Zero (Sprite Zero that is.)  But the Red Zero, she is fading now, and ready for bed.
  5. Why is it that the day I strip the bed and wash the sheets is the night I am all tired and hate to contemplate putting them all back on again.  Has happened before.  Have I ever just wrapped up in a blanket and slept right on top of the mattress?  Yes.  Yes I have.
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2 Responses to

  1. Sarah says:

    #5. yes, but have you done it 2 nights in a row? that’s when you know its bad.

  2. Eleanor says:

    It has been pretty bad then. Though I did go ahead and put them on the other night.

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