1. This has been two days to recharge.  I haven’t felt like doing much.  Quiet weather. Quiet me.
  2. I’ve watched Terminator 2. Still great after all these years.  I feel I need to watch the also excellent 1 and the the lesser 3 in order to complete the circle.
  3. Now I am settling down with another movie, maybe Muriel’s wedding, maybe Bend It Like Beckham, or maybe Master and Commander.  No idea.  Maybe I’ll try again with the netflix instant watch, though last time the playback was a awful quality.  Like, only hear the soundtrack quality.
  4. I’ve also been to Knit Happens, and have a ball of Rowan Big Wool, and the ginormous size 19 needles that I got for free at Stich and Pitch, for which to get a scarf going.
  5. Of course I bought other yarn, and got some advice on socks, which I’d like to try.  I told them I wanted to make one sock, and if it worked out, maybe the second.  There is a thing called Second Sock Syndrome, where only one gets made.  Sounds perfect for me.
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