1. I’m making A CD for AB, for a friend of hers, and mine really, who is pretty ill.  She and her parents wrote out a list of songs and I downloading them on itunes and making a CD.  Here is the thing:  I only have eyes for you, sung by Doris Day is marked “Explict.” What?  Did I miss the album, “Doris Day, The Punk Rap Years,” or her epic “Sit Down and Listen to the Music You Fifties DooWop MoFos!”
  2. I need the people in line at Starbucks to pay attention.  When the nice man by the pastry case asks you, “can I get you any pastries,” he wants to know about food.  To respond by giving him your drink order screws up the system.  I worry about the future.  My students are these people, not paying attention and slowing down the line, troubling the nice people who are trying to get us coffee.  I emphasize following directions in my classes, for precisely this reason.
  3. I’d like to get through a meeting with the superintendent without some teacher asking him about snow days.  It makes us look bad.  Believe me, I love a snow day as much if not more than the next guy, but we just need to lay off the topic around this guy.
  4. Chrissie is the bomb lady, because she already donated to my walk.  The only downside, is now I can’t quit!
  5. And snow?  Needs to come.  Right. Now.
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  1. JM says:

    Will AB’s CD be called EFGH?

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