1. Yes there was a snow day and yes it was fabulous.  There was no snow, only a little ice, but who are we to toy with the safety of our dear children!  It had to be done! 
  2. I had coffee and read the paper, cleaned my sitting room, recorded a song, walked to get some Chinese food, ate same, but not to excess, read a little, watched my tape of survivor and lost, knit some, saw Tootsie over streaming video on Netflix and closed the day watching a movie with Paul.  Excellent day!
  3. The movie Paul and I saw was “One Two Three” with James Cagney.  He is a Coca Cola exec trying to bring behind the Iron Curtain.  His boss’s rascally daughter comes to Berlin and falls in love with a communist.  Hijinks ensue.  It was very funny, my favorite line being, when they are showing wedding rings to the commie, who must be cleaned up in order to be presentable to the boss.  “Gold!” He cries, “I prefer the honest steel of the guns of Stalingrad!”  Two thumbs up!
  4. And to think, I still have Saturday and Sunday ahead of me!
  5. Hooray!
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