1. The simple supper done by the “yutes” on Monday went very well.  I love church kids, because they generally do what I ask, and come running back for more.  Awesome!
  2. Paul and I babysat for his nephew and niece last night and this was very fun.  We played Monopoly Junior and read books.  The little one all of the sudden had a minor meltdown because he realized he missed his mommy, but he would come and clutch on me as he was crying, so it was nice that he didn’t hold us to blame.
  3. Got my info for the Breast Cancer 3 Day.  The training program goes for 24 weeks, which would mean I need to bust out the walking shoes on April 28th.  I guess I could just start some random walking right away.
  4. I feel trapped in my pants today.  That sounds bad.  I just mean that these pants are a touch tight, and have very little give.  I am already looking forward to getting home and taking them off.  Still sounds bad.
  5. I give Kevin and Violet a treat before I leave in the morning, and lately Violet goes and sits in an empty cardboard box by the door when that time comes around.  Kevin has not been feeling good lately, and has had to have some Valium to help with his, ahem, bladder issues.  Dude gets a little tense sometimes, that’s all.
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