1. Violet really loves water.  She hops in the tube after I shower.  She runs to the bathroom whenever anyone goes in.  She always gets into the sink and tries to catch water drops.  As a kitten she fell into the toilet.  Twice.  So it is no surprise when I go ahead and run the water, even when she is in the sink, that one day her nimble feet would slip, and she would end up under the running water.  Hilarity and jumping wet cat ensued.
  2. I love these cats
  3. I am so glad the week is over.  it just seemed very stressful.  The weekend is a little to busy for my taste, but not with the same frustrations.  We have been doing a nutrition unit for english, science and geography, and I was happy to get on board, and the kids food maps were fun, but I have lost two weeks, and the rhythm is gone.  The same thing happened last year.  We had an activity, project, test pattern established and about this time of year I lost the flow.  I think that is probably because I spend more time planning for the first of the year.  Also there are less interruptions in the beginning of the year.  I want to plan more time to plan this summer.  I always say that, maybe I will do it this year.
  4. Everytime I see an advertisement for House, they always say it is the most bizarre case yet.  How can that be?
  5. The staff progressive dinner is tomorrow night.  I am on for an entree.  Couscous and veggies?  Bucket of Chicken?  Donut Holes?  Whatever shall I bring?
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