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The outing to the cherry blossoms was fun, albeit DARK and COLD, because we were there so very early.  At past the last minute I took up AB’s invite to the Leukemia Ball.  Even though I was have a mental … Continue reading

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Hooray for the sweet, sweet scent of Friday! One hat finished.  Another pretty close.  I’ll probably go with them, but I have to say that my parents are insane!  They are planning to go down and see the cherry blossoms at 5:30 … Continue reading

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Everynight when I sit and read or watch TV, Violet comes and sits on my lap and takes a nap.  It is very nice, I am glad she is a lap cat.  Kevin sometimes tries to get in on it, … Continue reading

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Things I choose to do, but if I don’t want to or don’t have time for I don’t: Church services Coffee with AB and Ali Random crafting and knitting Spend time with Paul Write in this blog Things I’d like … Continue reading

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In an attempt to determine how I am spending my time, and if there are things that can and should be dropped I am going to list all the commitments I currently have. Work Survey Committee (Need to organize interpretation … Continue reading

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I about can’t stand that I have to go back to work tomorrow.  Does anyone really love to go back to work after vacation?  Does anyone really love what they do?  I would like to enjoy what I do.  I … Continue reading

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Though I am still sniffly, I feel much much better.  Yesterday I went and got my hair cut, with of course, a side trip to the yarn store that is, inconveniently or not (depends on how you see the spending … Continue reading

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