1. I am going to be able to do the Scary Workout Challenge, but our trainer is sick today, so it has to be next Tuesday.  After 12 weeks they will test again, and the school that has decreased their time (to do all the exercises) the most will win $500 for the school and a dinner out with their trainer.
  2. Today was an early release so we can talk as a department about allocation for next year.  Status quo for us.  We won’t sort out the specific number of each class until later, but the mood seemed positive about keeping both Ancient Civs.  People seems to think that the numbers will go up, in that some people signed up for AP Modern who probably won’t take it.  That would be good news for me of course.
  3. I cleaned out the fridge and freezer yesterday, making room for some nice wholesome non-spoiled food.  Hooray!I also tried to plan my meals and snacks for the coming week, as it is going to be very busy and I would rather not be pounding down hamburgers in desperation.
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