1. Today was my first time as crew leader.  This means I am responsible for making sure no silver goes out with big chunks of goo on it, that the priests wear natty and clean garments, and everything is in its proper place during the services tomorrow.  I don’t have to personally do all that, I am in charge of the group that does.  There are lots of lists that tell you what to do, which is great, and people who are far more knowledgeable than me to help you along.  The current president came both last night and today to help, and she is super patient, and very nice.  Tomorrow I’ll be at church for all of the services, which I think will be pretty interesting.  The most fun today was whent he power went out.  We finished up our work using flashlights, and in with the flashlights, someone had put one of the miner’s type lights that goes on your head.  I got to wear that.  Yes!
  2. I wanted to go back to school and see Macbeth, which was supposed to be excellent (this particular production, it is excepted that the original is solid work.) but I also didn’t.  I know I would have enjoyed it, and probably been the better for it, in addition to seeing my students in it.  But I stayed home and was a big pile of slothful instead.
  3. Something is missing.
  4. Maybe it is time to rearrange the furniture.
  5. If the question is, can you use the leftover holiday red and green M-n-Ms to make cookie dough and then freeze that dough for oh, say a year and a bit and then make them and eat them with no ill effects: the answer is yes.  So far.
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