1. Well it’s done now.  Spring break is here.  Huzzah!
  2. Unfortunately, over the last few days I have gotten sick.  I’ve got two 7am mornings in a row what with the Palm crew and Palm Sunday, but there you go.  I’ll rest in the afternoon.
  3. We had a nice kick ball game this afternoon and the children played very nicely together.  Lovely day too.
  4. This cold I have started with a very deep cough, which was complicated by how bad my abs hurt (from the workout of pain) when I would try to cough.  Ouchy. 
  5. Sniffle.
  6. Melissa and Chris are in Thailand for a skydiving thing, and Melissa has been writing excellent recaps of her days in emails to Michael, which I have gotten too.  It sounds really interesting, and like they are having a good time.  She described Chris getting a meal with these whole ginormous prawns in it, and of course he picked two up and pretended they were fighting.  Classic.  I can totally picture him doing that!
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