1. I have been on the run since school ended Friday, and am now settled down to be just sick for a bit.  I went to Altar guild crew this a.m., came home and slept for a little.  Then I went out to get Kevin’s Valium (poor boy is tense again) and while I was waiting I went to Blockbuster.
  2. Side note: I have netflix, and I love it, but occasionally I need a little filler movie action, particularly on times like spring break, when I can settle into some serious watching.
  3. Further side note: At the top of my netflix queue is Battlestar Gallactica season 3, which comes out tomorrow!  Finally!
  4. And yet another note:  I know I could go get it as soon as it comes out from the aforementioned blockbuster.  Shut up.  When it comes by mail, it provides some pacing, rather than gobbling it all down like candy.  I love Netflix.  Today I was just weak, okay?  Much to my sorrow.
  5. So anywho, I went to Blockbuster, killing time, again, because of the prescription, so this is all Kevin’s fault, and I picked four movies, and the clerk proceeded to tell me, that my total was $19, and did I know that I could go pick out three more movies, and get all of that for only $10.45, if I but renewed by Blockbuster super fancy elite membership, which of course I let expire when I got Netflix.  Now I am dosed up on medicine, and am not functioning really well, (for example I spent about five minutes just staring at a cake display at Safeway, trying to figure out what to do when they said the prescription wasn’t ready) but my pea brain does seem to think that 10.45 is less that 19, so I say ok, and go pick out three more movies, which was very pressured, because a line is beginning to build up, and I am becoming the people I hate.  The calculation I did not make was that they charge for the membership too, of course, and so yes, I did get lots of movies, but I ended up paying $24 all told.  I am idiot, of course.
  6. Tragic or not, now I am ensconced in my big chair with, a diet sprite, some chicken noodle soup, two cats, both phones, a computer and seven movies.  I hope this will be a combination that leads to good health.
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3 Responses to

  1. RomeLover says:

    don’t forget the aspirin. and call me in the morning…

  2. Eleanor says:

    Yes of course. And for AB and Ali’s benefit, I have gargled with saltwater, and put an ace bandage on it.

  3. crazytobeme says:

    Ok, for my beneift – it’s ice, not an ace bandage – but that can’t hurt either! Aspirin, gargle with salt water, ice, ace bandage – by the time you’re done with all that you can’t remember what was ailing you to begin with!

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