1. Another day, spent mostly quietly.  Napping, a little laundry, a school board meeting in the evening.  Am feeling better, but still not 100%.
  2. My only shopping crisis today was when I walked over to Starbucks for a coffee and the paper, they had no Washington Post.  (Sorry NY times, you have great writing, but I am not as familiar with your layout, and you have no comics, or local news.)  There were also lots of people there, and it looked like all the comfy chairs were taken.  So I gave up on Starbucks and went to the bagel place instead.  They were also out of papers!  Was this some sort of conspiracy?  I was finally successful at the Rite-Aid next door, and then went back and had a bagel.  No comfy chair, but that’s ok.
  3. I’ve been thinking about my college roommate Cathy a lot lately, wondering how she is.  She has been really good about sending me Christmas cards every year, and of course, I am terrible at responding, or sending cards of my own.  I didn’t get one this year, so I guess she has probably given up on me, and I can’t write her, because her card last year said they were moving.  I have an old email address for her, so I am going to try that, but before I do, I am going to get out five Christmas cards and address and stamp them, and put a note on my calendar every year on December 10th to write a note and mail them.  I have a few people I should do that for.
  4. I don’t know why I have such a hard time with simple things like keeping in touch, or mailing cards.  I guess I always think, oh I can do that tomorrow, and the next thing I know months have passed.  It really is a terrible part of my personality.
  5. I watched Terminator 1 and 3 (watched 2 last month).  I never noticed before, but the police psychiatrist is the same guy in all three.  Nice.  2 is definitely the standout of the series.  #1 has the surprise of newness, #2 has the best plot, and #3 has the best terminator, because not only can she form complex weaponry, but she is wearing a fabulous red leather suit and never gets a hair out of place.
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