In an attempt to determine how I am spending my time, and if there are things that can and should be dropped I am going to list all the commitments I currently have.

  1. Work
  2. Survey Committee (Need to organize interpretation of the data and then discussion groups)
  3. School Rep for Teacher’s council on Instruction (Once a month)
  4. Team Meetings (Twice a week)
  5. Staff Meetings (Twice a month)
  6.  Social Studies Meetings (Once a month)
  7. Project for Social Studies (Due in May)
  8. Social Studies Lead Teacher
  9. Workout Group (Twice a week)
  10. Counseling (Once a week)
  11. Altar Guild
  12. LEM (Once or Twice a month)
  13. Lector (once a month)
  14. Adult Acolyte (once a month)
  15. Vestry (once a month)
  16. School Board (once a month)
  17. School Board Scholarship Committee (Once a Year, Though I came up with a bright idea that now I have to write up)
  18. School Board Demographics Committee (what the hell?  Like the Survey committee, deals with numbers and I am over my head.)
  19. Knit 4 hats for Day school Silent Auction
  20. Acolyte Training (4 Weeks)
  21. Planning for Acolyte Training
  22. Sunday School (every sunday til June, continues next year.)
  23. Breast Cancer 3 Day Training (M,W,F, S, S)
  24. Discernment Committee
  25. Host a baby shower for a friend.
  26. Vestry Greeter (most of April, after the 11:15)
  27. Help with the International Dinner at school (4/24)
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5 Responses to

  1. crazytobeme says:

    Cut out number 1 and a bunch falls off the list! but maybe that’s not too practical…

  2. RomeLover says:

    wait–I don’t see any church on that list…. 😀

  3. Eleanor says:

    Number 1 is defniately problematic.

    Church is a choice, not a chore. That is another list.

  4. Hey El,I know at least one or two people who’d be happy to become part of your training crew for the walk, schedules permitting. If you share your training plan with some of the usual suspects, perhaps we could make it a regular event (such as schedules permit). Let us know. Please.

  5. Eleanor says:

    That would be great! I’ll do that.

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