1. Everynight when I sit and read or watch TV, Violet comes and sits on my lap and takes a nap.  It is very nice, I am glad she is a lap cat.  Kevin sometimes tries to get in on it, placing himself above her, but he is 16 pounds, so it is a little tougher to deal with.  He usually ends up shoving her out of the way.  I still like it though.  They best is if he gets settled first and she sits a little lower on my legs.
  2. I had to take a survey about my school and there was a question “I am satisfied with my job,” and I marked “Somewhat dissatisfied.”  I am trying to figure that out.  I guess I feel a little bored.  I feel like I am saying the same old things and that no one is really interested.  I mean I find population pyramids fascinating, but perhaps I am the only one.
  3.  Hat # 1 is coming along well.  Two meetings yesterday allowed me to get about 2 inches done.
  4. I need to clean my upstairs.  Too cluttered.
  5. There was an article in today’s post, about a youth organization near the new Nationals Stadium that is having trouble paying its property taxes, which have risen like crazy now that the area is developing rapidly.  I wish a big money machine like professional baseball or a stadium group, could support them, or that the city would cut them a break.  I mean, don’t baseball and kids go together?  Sports a positive influence, etc, etc?  Noblesse Oblige? Come on Nationals!  Be a pal!
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