1. Hooray for the sweet, sweet scent of Friday!
  2. One hat finished.  Another pretty close. 
  3. I’ll probably go with them, but I have to say that my parents are insane!  They are planning to go down and see the cherry blossoms at 5:30 tomorrow morning.  They crazy!  It is a cute little tradition they have.  They take their picnic tables and snacks, and go down while they can still get a parking place.  I haven’t been in quite a few years, so if it is not too cold tomorrow morning, I’ll probably go, as I crazy as well.
  4. Dinner with D & C and Ali tonight.  Sushi place.  Better eating than last night’s Chinese Food binge.  We talked about trigger foods at the meeting, then I came home and ordered some.  (Trigger foods being those that you don’t really control.  I cited butter as one in the meeting.  There is no way that I ever just have a bit of butter.  My hand starts shaking on that butter knife like I’ve got a palsy and then BOOM, I’ve got slices of bread and butter cued up.) After last nights Chinese foods, I have to add that to my list.  There is just too much of it, and I keep eating it, even when I am full.
  5. Unfortunately, I didn’t hang on to my 10% to get my keychain.  Easter is just too full of lamb and candy.  I didn’t gain much, but enough to bump me back over the mark.  The leader of the meeting (all hail the leader!) would have given it to me any way, but I said no. I want it legit.  I feel pretty confident that I can get it this week.
  6. The interesting thing is, that just this week I started to feel like I see a difference in the way I look.   I don’t see quite as much butt (though still plenty, a small change) as I used too and my face looks thinner.  Now that could be my expensive fancy new face cream, but I do feel that over all things have shifted a little.
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