1. The outing to the cherry blossoms was fun, albeit DARK and COLD, because we were there so very early. 
  2. At past the last minute I took up AB’s invite to the Leukemia Ball.  Even though I was have a mental breakdown getting ready (I haven’t been out among strangers in a while) it was fun.  Jay Leno was the entertainment and he did a long set that was pretty funny.  Also since we were only 5 at a 10 top table, we were able to have two salads.  I am sure other people saw me swapping plates, but it gave them a good story to tell.  “And then this woman, who was the only person there wearing pants and no eyeliner, switched plates so she could have a second salad!”  I was also wearing black crew socks with my heels, instead of pantyhose, but you couldn’t really tell, and it was much more comfortable.  I only had about 15 minutes to get ready, I did what I could.
  3. I went for a three mile walk today.  Walked from Paul’s shop to home.  Didn’t go very fast.  Stopped to read all the historical markers, etc.
  4. I’ve been reading some funny blogs by pets.  I like the way they do it, but I can’t imagine doing that myself.  I look at Kevin, and I do not hear his writer’s voice, or what he would like to say.
  5. The new nationals park looks spiffy on TV.  I want to go and sit in the $5 grandstand seats.
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