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I practiced today with the chorus kids for the cabaret this weekend.  I’ll be in the opening number and announce the acts.  I think there are other teachers singing.  I wish I had a number, vanity of vanities. I took a … Continue reading

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I’m updating Commander Dave’s computer for tomorrow’s pick-up.  This is a customer at the shop who is reluctantly entering the computer age.  Like, we will be starting with the “how to use a mouse” tutorial.  When I ordered my new … Continue reading

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This has been a really good day.  The Spartan workout was a moderate success.  It was nice to get outside.  For each station they had a reading and then for the Athenian stations something to sit and ponder or discuss and … Continue reading

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The International dinner tonight was great.  The kids really outdid themselves with the food and some other teachers were also contributors, and came to the events as well.  Even D,C, and A came!  We agreed it was the best $10 … Continue reading

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In a virtually unprecendented feat of self-control, I baked over a 100 cookies tonight and I didn’t eat one!  I know I will be able to have some at the dinner tomorrow night, and somehow I managed not to do … Continue reading

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So that kid got the job.  Are you kidding me?  This explains alot about customer service in our society.  Oh, and he still hasn’t turned in his project. I am very happy that my neighbor has sold his house, but … Continue reading

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I did alot of walking yesterday.  From home to church, from church to Stelmos, from Stelmos to Ali’s, (ride home) from home to a store to another store then back home again.15,000 steps! I was intending to hide from Nora … Continue reading

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