1. I’ve been unhappy of late, confused about my place in this world.
  2. So yesterday, feeling all broken and complicated, I had planned a very hands off lesson, so I could just quietly sit and poke my pain with a pencil.  As I was preparing to enter the field, the principal came up and said, “Can we come and visit?”  The visitor with him was the superintendent.  Oh Sweet Jumping Jeebus, or as I said in my head, “Oh F…!”  So I went in and casually turned on the projector and plugged in my smartboard, and apologized for the state of my room – you know how company always comes when things are a mess (though my place is always a mess, or at least has been for some time, it is one of the things that is bothering me) and I proceeded to do the more fun and engaging preview, but the whole thing was fairly hideous, and all I could think was, well, at least I am wearing dress pants and hard shoes.  Thank goodness they did not stay long.  I would have had to eventually go to the “Do your reading part of the task” (not that there is anything wrong with that, no of course not) and of course I wouldn’t have added  “and leave me alone”….If only he had come today.  Today was a really good, hands off lesson that showed the kids all engaged and me just coaching, which is best for me and them I think.
  3.  I feel really happy to be home this afternoon, the polar opposite of how I felt to be at school today.
  4. When I am this way, I am very self centered and annoying, so I sincerely apologize to my nearest and dearest, who are very lovely to put up with it all, even in the midst of their own challenges.
  5. In postive news, finally a Nationals site that reports quickly and accurately on the results of the Presidents Race: Let Teddy Win!
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