1. I’m in a bad place about Battlestar.  I was over at Ali’s, hanging with her kitties.  I turned on the TV, and suddenly, before I could change channels, I saw a preview for an episode in the current season.  There was a reveal of information that is entirely tragic and a spoiler!  I am trying to forget it, but I can’t!  Why, oh why did I turn on the tv at that moment!
  2. Acolyte training went well today. Controlled chaos, but lots of fun.  I remembered that my work with the acolytes many years ago was one of the things that made me consider teaching as a career.   I think perhaps, after all my current responsibilities are done that is something I will go back to.
  3. I bought some new sneakers today.  Nike, walking shoes.  They are garish, silver with pink.  Quite comfortable.   I need to go visit my foot doctor and see what he says about this walking junket and shoes and my orthotics.  I know I am supposed to wear them as much as possible, but in order to make them fit I have to take out the regular insert, and then there is no cushioning up front.
  4. I’m about to go for a walk to test out my new shoes.
  5. Ali and Chrissie are home from Budapest.  I am looking forward to hearing their adventures!
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  1. RomeLover says:

    and we missed you. next time, you come with.

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