1. I think there were some issues that disturbed me tonight at vestry, but there didn’t seem to be much room to discuss them.  This was disturbing as well.  Now I have to seek people out.  Boo.  I don’t like seeking.  I have bad follow through.
  2. I did complete an entire scarf during the meeting.  Nice!
  3. I am thinking of starting a blog of teacher tips and essays.  Mostly tips.  Organization, paper control, etc.  I can’t ever seem to pull off these great ideas, but I know what they are, and maybe other people know things too and would share them.  I know there is “mommy-blogging”  so there must be a teacher blogging set out there.  I am also thinking of doing a site with ads, just because it might be interesting to see if that made any money.  I doubt it, I mean I am the person with a) no follow through and b) no free time, so I’d probably miss some step or not do enough or whatever, but if by some chance I did do it right I think it could be good. Quality, I mean.
  4. The last disk of season three battlestar came in, and Paul and I watched episode 1 when I got home, and shamefully, I fell asleep.  I lay this at the feet of the vestry.  Not that it is anyone person’s fault, it is all business and it has to be done, but that is why I wasn’t nestled on my couch doing the important work of tv watching earlier in the evening.
  5. These pictures were posted on Cute Overload, and this frequent commenter wrote some excellent dialog.  I particularly recommend, “Baroness von Possum’s Ordeal” and “Elsewhere on the von Possum Estate”  Actually they all go together, just read from the bottom up.
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  1. Sorry to hear vestry troubled you. It can be tough when topic, purpose or time does not allow for further discussion then and there. I think that’s where parking lot meetings orginate (and you know how I feel about those). Peace.

  2. H270 says:

    I was also disturbed by what transpired. I didn’t like the tone it set. We’ll have to wait and see how the situation develops.

  3. Anne says:

    Re: Teacher’s blog & advertising. I know what would happen. You’d set up an AWESOME blog, tons of people would read it and there would be people to advertise. You’d get it all set up, get the ads on, then forget to bill the advertisers for your services. That’s part of what we love about you, though. You never realize your own worth to others. 🙂

  4. Eleanor says:

    I think that is exactly what would happen!

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