1. Becky Barker was a mighty fine lady, and will be greatly missed.  She was always very kind to me.  I think she was that way to everyone.  I thought twice about calling this weekend and didn’t, and I regret that very very much.
  2. I talk to much.
  3. I never thought I would be that way.
  4. There is a woman at school who is always trying to convince me to come to various social events, some that are “singles” oriented.  I always refuse.  She switched up her tactics today, having another teacher invite me.  Please.  I don’t think they know who they are dealing with here.  Like I can be taken in by such a bush league ploy.  I’m always prepared.  “I have plans; company’s coming;  I’m working with the poor; I’m sick; my roommate is sick; my cat is sick; ; I have allergies; It’s a school night; I have to clean my house; I have to wash my hair; I’ve got a doctor’s appointment; I’ve got a loanshark appointment; I have a rash; my car is in the shop; My grandfather fought in World War II.”  (that last one is from “The Office,” but how can you argue with it?
  5. I’m going to try the core plan on Weight Watchers for a while.  I need a change.  The gist is that instead of counting points you eat off a list of nice healthy things, stopping when you are satisfied, rather than a calorie point.  I think it is on the Atkins model: few carbs, more natural foods.  We shall see.
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  1. Anne says:

    Re: #4. You forgot a few: I have Vestry, I have school Board, I have Altar Guild, I have Sunday School, I have boot camp, I have to go for a training walk, I have to knit hats/scarves/dresses/coffee cuffs. You should be set for social event excuses for months!

  2. Eleanor says:

    Those are excellent suggestions!

  3. Eleanor says:

    Don’t forget, “I have to sit on my ass at the coffee shop.” That is important!

  4. Melissa says:

    I am ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loved this post from Thursday! Eleanor, I can’t imagine my life without your humor. You are one of the best parts about being married to Chris — and I mean that in the nicest, not-intending-to-offend-anyone way. I am SO LUCKY to have you in my family and in my life! I so look forward to time spent with you — you are simply one of the coolest people I have EVER met. Thank you for making me laugh — you have truly brightened my day, as I lay trapped under 10 loads of laundry today (when I should be outside enjoying the weather) — but I DID make it see my trainer this morning. HOLY-why-do-I-keep-going-back-for-more-punishment CRUD! As usual, she kicked my behind. I did, however, register a complaint and let her know that the mirrors at the Ft. Meyer gym (which I visited last week) are “skinny mirrors” while the Ft. Benning gym most definitely has “fat mirrors”. SIGH. 26 pounds and counting. Love, Melissa

  5. Eleanor says:

    Ahn! Thanks Melissa!

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