1. This is the new hot thing, and very funny: Engineers guide to cats
  2. So.  If you skip my class? If you skip my class on the day a project is due? If you skip my class on the day a project is due and when I see you in the hall you flee, rather than coming to talk to me?   You might want to hope that the job that you gave my name as a reference for, doesn’t call me that night.  I mean I felt bad about it, and I tried to skirt it with the “When he is interested in something he does a good job,” line, but when she came out and said “Would you hire him,”  I couldn’t lie.  Terrible feeling, but talk about your natural consequences.  I think he was actually throwing a watermelon off the roof or something.  Hope that was a good time, dude!
  3. It was the physics fair today, which would explain the watermelon, but he doesn’t actually take physics, so it was an unsanctioned watermelon I believe.
  4. The really depressing part is he is not the only one.  I think there were at least 5 skippers.  I tracked several down, stalking the halls with a vengeance, and the standard response was “I didn’t have it done, so I thought it would be better not to come.”  Oh please.  What really bugs me is that I know they wouldn’t pull this with the AP teacher they are scared of.  The assignment was not that hard, and they had plenty of time to do it  AND I gave them a class day to work on it!  Evildoers!  I do hope they enjoyed their time, because as of Monday, pushover Eleanor is getting out her can of whup-ass, and the policy will now be “No late work.”  Zero.  No credit.  Enjoy.
  5. I finished Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica, and there was a big reveal at the end which was pretty exciting, and the spoiler I saw has now been uncovered, so I am ready to star watching season 4 online.  I suspect I could have watched season 3 that way, a long time ago.  Oh well. 
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  1. Melissa says:

    This post is even better!

    Curse those EVIL-DOERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel your pain! I know I’m not really an “official” teacher and I only have two years “experience” (easily the best two years of my working life EVER), but I feel your pain. My best story: First chair trumpet player (a sniveling, weak child) & field commander, making out, back of bus. Pulled them off bus, separated them. Next day, mom comes to school and pulls First chair trumpet player OUT of band (with a trip coming up – contest in Atlanta) because I separated her kid from the evil, hussy field commander. Right. So what exactly are you teaching that kid — certainly NOT “Sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few …. or the one” and instead, “Let’s punish the entire band because by pulling the first chair trumpet out of band just in time for competition just because I want to show that assistant band director how much power I have” and “I’m going to get mine”. No problem. I learned how to play the trumpet in two weeks and I walked on that stage as a student and played with the band. Probably not the best solution, but we felt we had no other choice. (only 2 other trumpets went on the trip) Still, would someday like to give Mrs. Trumpet-mom a piece of my mind. In the end, that kid still liked me as a teacher — he couldn’t deny it — and he knew his Mom was wrong.

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